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Tuesday, March 28 2017


Times have changed and so have our eating habits. It is one of the reasons we suffer from weight and health issues. Looking closer, heart disease has increased dramatically, to the tune of one in every four people. It’s the leading cause of death in the United States! How ironic that we are now eating ourselves to death?! The cause is simple. We eat too much, exercise too little, and much of the foods that we eat cause major intestinal inflammation.  Take a look at the points below for some advice.

  • The first one is all about proper portion control. On average, we eat 1,000 calories more than we think per day. Download a calorie tracking app and use it to help manage your daily intake and progression towards goals.
  • The second one is also simple. Hire me as your personal trainer…lol. A qualified personal trainer can keep your exercise routine fun and hold you accountable.  I suggest one hour of exercise a day. It does not have to be all at once, or high intensity.
  • The third one is a little tricky. Insert Paleo type diets. I do not promote a strict Paleo diet because I think there are always exceptions with nutrition, and if the diet is too hard to follow, it’s just that. Paleo type diets focus on healthy fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Keep your diet as simple as possible. Three meals a day. Fruit or veggies as your snacks. Keep pastas, rice, sugar, and breads to a minimum.

In conclusion, Paleo type meal plans help eliminate much of the weight gain and health concerns caused from too much nutritionally empty foods like bread and sugar. It also helps with inflammation, which is a huge factor in heart attacks and other heart disease. As a good rule, always try to get five fruits and vegtebles a day. Aside from the nutritional aspect, it’s good to know that the fiber in the fruits and veggies also helps fight cancer and diabetes.

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