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Saturday, September 02 2017
Common Weight Loss Myths

Common Weight Loss Myths

When it comes to fitness and weight loss, several opinions are offered that might confuse our minds. Some of these opinions are common myths which, if avoided, can help you better in your fitness journey. Here are some common weight loss myths that are busted:

Core Problem:

Myth- Working on your core can promote faster weight reduction

Reality- Working on your core more often will develop muscles underneath the layer of fat. For better definition, one needs to focus on shedding fat too, so that the results from your core workouts are more visible.

Low Calorie Diets:

Myth- Consuming low calories mean lower fat retention in the body

Reality- Eating your way through weight loss is neither effective nor advisable. Eliminating certain foods such as carbs, sugars or soda can be extremely beneficial. But you need to combine adequate workouts and strict diet plans to achieve good results. Similarly, consuming low calorie foods alone will lead to cravings, which completely destroy your goals. You can get a personalized diet plan depending on your weight, age etc. from a personal training studio in Jacksonville for faster, better and long lasting results.

Weights vs Cardio:

Myth- Cardio is for fat loss while weights are for muscle building.

Reality- This myth is particularly popular among women because they often concentrate on not appearing too ‘muscular’. Cardio gives you a specific amount of calories that you have burned in a session whereas weights don’t. But weight loss can be achieved through both. Cardio eliminates unwanted fat from the body but still makes you appear soft. Muscle workout tones your body by giving definition and shape. In addition to that, it also increases your metabolism rate in such a way that you are burning more calories than usual even post your workout.

Protein Overdose:

Myth- Consuming more protein is ideal for workouts

Reality- You must adhere to the suggested amount of protein in your diet plan. Consuming more than necessary will make you feel full or bloated. Make sure you drink plenty of water and green tea to break down protein during digestion.

Gym Schedule:

Myth- Exercising twice or thrice a week to maintain a healthy body

Reality- A minimum of 5hrs per week is required to maintain a fit and toned body, not to mention, the gains you make at the gym. You need to discipline yourself to work out regularly and adequately while also getting enough rest. These are the best ways to lose weight healthily. 

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