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Tuesday, September 26 2017
Importance of High Intensity Interval Training

Importance of High Intensity Interval Training

When it comes to work out, there are several trends that seem to be popping out. However, not all of them are effective. When it comes to a super effective workout, you must consider High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is very beneficial in losing fat and not muscle. Besides it is an easier way to tone up and achieve fitness goals. Here’s why HIIT is important and necessary to make for a good workout routine:

Less time, more results:

High Intensity Interval training takes just a few minutes of your time while still providing you with the maximum benefits there is. Since the intensity of your workout is high, you can actually feel your body working its maximum in that interval, thus burning more calories. High Intensity Interval training can help you burn more calories in a shorter time compared to running on the treadmill for an hour.

High Metabolism:

With regular High Intensity Interval training you are more likely to improve your metabolism. Reports have shown that High Intensity Interval training can help in burning more calories for up to 24hrs after the workout. In that period, you are also more likely to burn additional calories faster. By increasing your metabolism, HIIT aids in faster and safer weight loss.

Burn fat, not muscle:

One of the major woes of individuals who work out regularly is their need to do cardio and how it contributes to muscle loss. Studies have shown that almost always, when you try to lose weight and build muscle at the same time, you are in for some kind of muscle loss. To put in simpler words, the “pump” that you feel after a workout diminishes rather quickly. But how else do you burn calories and train your muscle? The answer is High Intensity Interval training. HIIT can help you burn calories without causing muscle loss. Besides, it contributes majorly to fat loss without restricting you to just weight loss.

Increases Endurance

You don’t need any equipment to do your High Intensity Interval training. By timing each of your workout and finishing the variations in your HIIT schedule, you will come to understand the capacity of your body and how much endurance you have. Regular High Intensity Interval training helps you increase your stamina and your endurance. Through significantly increasing your strength, it gives you more power to focus on your muscle workout. High Intensity Interval training has an overall impact on your workout goals.

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