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Wednesday, October 11 2017
Building strong legs and glutes

Best Way to Build Strong Legs and Glutes

Legs and glutes are a very important category when it comes to women’s fitness. Having strong and shapely legs is important for both men and women but when it comes to a woman, strong legs could significantly improve their physique. You must work your legs and glutes at least once or sometimes twice a week. Many fear the pain that typical leg day gives and hence skip them, but over a period you will realize that all the pain is definitely worth it. Before you kick start your weight loss and toning journey with the following exercises, make sure to stretch. Doing proper stretches can help you prepare your muscles for the workout, and prevent injuries.


Start with body weight squats. Squats are the backbone of leg workouts. When you squat regularly, you are engaging your glutes which will in turn give you that amazing lower body shape. However, you need to start simple. The idea is to make sure that you do your variation right without paying too much attention to the weights. Many people tend to squat shallow, but the goal is to get their booty parallel to their knees. This puts strain on your quads, and will really engage your glute muscles.

Hamstring curls:

Leg curl can be performed on a prone or standing leg curl machine. It’s very important not to skip hamstrings on leg day. I do not recommend the popular exercise stiff leg deadlifts. When performing any exercise it’s important to move through a full range of motion. Stiff leg dead lifts do not move though any range of motion. More or it less just hyperextends the muscle causing soreness the next day. This is often confused as a good exercise, but in reality it puts the knee and hamstring muscle in a dangerous movement.  


Stand with your deadlifts with your feet shoulder width. It’s important to always have your head in a natural position, or look up slightly. Avoid looking down when performing this exercise or you will put unwanted strain on your lower back. Deadlifts are a very effective exercise, but can be dangerous if done wrong. With the guidance of one of our personal trainers in Jacksonville this exercise can add great benefits to your leg day.


Lunges are a must for developing strong glutes and thighs. There are many variations, and important to change them often. When performing lunges be careful to lower your back knee almost all the way to the ground. This exercise should be performed in a slow controlled motion. Make sure you do not let you front knee to pass over your toe.

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Wednesday, October 04 2017
The down side to a vegan diet

A common trend in nutrition plans for women’s fitness and weight loss is the use of vegan meal plans. While they are easy to make and supply vitamins and minerals they do not always come up with the best benefits. Apart from that a vegan diet does not add any special benefit to muscle training and high intensity workouts. Here’s why:

Protein Deficiency

Chicken, turkey and other meats are excellent sources of protein. Every individual who works out and wants to witness good gains ultimately consumes proteins in huge quantities starting with egg whites. The vegan alternatives for protein sources such as tofu and beans etc. are not as protein loaded as meat is. The downside is that you will have to consume large quantities of nuts or tofu to pack the same protein content of a roast chicken breast. This immense difference in protein levels diminishes the muscle pump you get after an intense workout and stunts muscle growth to a certain extent.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency

Studies have shown that following a vegan diet causes vitamin and mineral deficiency in many individuals. While the concept behind a vegan diet is to be natural and eat green, the very change from a regular balanced diet to a completely organic one creates a depletion of certain minerals in your body. This particularly applies to hardcore non vegetarians who have opted for the vegan way because any and every source of energy that they obtained from meat is now out of the equation. And to compensate for that, the only way is to make sure they consume more quantities of food to increase the vitamin and mineral intake. However, this results in consumption of additional calories.

Eating out

When you follow a vegan diet, it becomes increasingly hard to eat out. Despite many restaurants being vegan friendly, the quest does not come handy all the time. For example, what if you are at a party and all the snacks you have are not vegan friendly?

Options for vegans is very limited when it comes to restaurants and there have been many cases where a fellow vegan had to starve for a while because of a lack of better option. And ultimately, you are only left with one option, which is to carry a vegan snack with you every time you step out.

Too much soy protein

Studies have shown that eating large quantities of soy protein can increase estrogen levels. High levels of estrogen have been linked to some types of breast cancer. Some breast cancer cells have receptors that attach to estrogen and helps the cell grow at a faster rate. Doctors will often recommend that the patient stop eating soy protein all together, and start taking an estrogen blocking drug.

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Tuesday, September 26 2017
Importance of High Intensity Interval Training

Importance of High Intensity Interval Training

When it comes to work out, there are several trends that seem to be popping out. However, not all of them are effective. When it comes to a super effective workout, you must consider High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is very beneficial in losing fat and not muscle. Besides it is an easier way to tone up and achieve fitness goals. Here’s why HIIT is important and necessary to make for a good workout routine:

Less time, more results:

High Intensity Interval training takes just a few minutes of your time while still providing you with the maximum benefits there is. Since the intensity of your workout is high, you can actually feel your body working its maximum in that interval, thus burning more calories. High Intensity Interval training can help you burn more calories in a shorter time compared to running on the treadmill for an hour.

High Metabolism:

With regular High Intensity Interval training you are more likely to improve your metabolism. Reports have shown that High Intensity Interval training can help in burning more calories for up to 24hrs after the workout. In that period, you are also more likely to burn additional calories faster. By increasing your metabolism, HIIT aids in faster and safer weight loss.

Burn fat, not muscle:

One of the major woes of individuals who work out regularly is their need to do cardio and how it contributes to muscle loss. Studies have shown that almost always, when you try to lose weight and build muscle at the same time, you are in for some kind of muscle loss. To put in simpler words, the “pump” that you feel after a workout diminishes rather quickly. But how else do you burn calories and train your muscle? The answer is High Intensity Interval training. HIIT can help you burn calories without causing muscle loss. Besides, it contributes majorly to fat loss without restricting you to just weight loss.

Increases Endurance

You don’t need any equipment to do your High Intensity Interval training. By timing each of your workout and finishing the variations in your HIIT schedule, you will come to understand the capacity of your body and how much endurance you have. Regular High Intensity Interval training helps you increase your stamina and your endurance. Through significantly increasing your strength, it gives you more power to focus on your muscle workout. High Intensity Interval training has an overall impact on your workout goals.

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Saturday, September 02 2017
Common Weight Loss Myths

Common Weight Loss Myths

When it comes to fitness and weight loss, several opinions are offered that might confuse our minds. Some of these opinions are common myths which, if avoided, can help you better in your fitness journey. Here are some common weight loss myths that are busted:

Core Problem:

Myth- Working on your core can promote faster weight reduction

Reality- Working on your core more often will develop muscles underneath the layer of fat. For better definition, one needs to focus on shedding fat too, so that the results from your core workouts are more visible.

Low Calorie Diets:

Myth- Consuming low calories mean lower fat retention in the body

Reality- Eating your way through weight loss is neither effective nor advisable. Eliminating certain foods such as carbs, sugars or soda can be extremely beneficial. But you need to combine adequate workouts and strict diet plans to achieve good results. Similarly, consuming low calorie foods alone will lead to cravings, which completely destroy your goals. You can get a personalized diet plan depending on your weight, age etc. from a personal training studio in Jacksonville for faster, better and long lasting results.

Weights vs Cardio:

Myth- Cardio is for fat loss while weights are for muscle building.

Reality- This myth is particularly popular among women because they often concentrate on not appearing too ‘muscular’. Cardio gives you a specific amount of calories that you have burned in a session whereas weights don’t. But weight loss can be achieved through both. Cardio eliminates unwanted fat from the body but still makes you appear soft. Muscle workout tones your body by giving definition and shape. In addition to that, it also increases your metabolism rate in such a way that you are burning more calories than usual even post your workout.

Protein Overdose:

Myth- Consuming more protein is ideal for workouts

Reality- You must adhere to the suggested amount of protein in your diet plan. Consuming more than necessary will make you feel full or bloated. Make sure you drink plenty of water and green tea to break down protein during digestion.

Gym Schedule:

Myth- Exercising twice or thrice a week to maintain a healthy body

Reality- A minimum of 5hrs per week is required to maintain a fit and toned body, not to mention, the gains you make at the gym. You need to discipline yourself to work out regularly and adequately while also getting enough rest. These are the best ways to lose weight healthily. 

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Wednesday, August 16 2017
Effective and Realistic Weight Loss Strategies

Many people tend to think that excess cardio and eating very little is the best way to establish a gradually decreasing scale. The truth is, exercise and diet are not the only contributors to weight loss. If you look deeper into weight loss, there are specific types of work outs that ensure maximum benefit when it comes to weight loss, just like how some foods help in reducing fat intake.

If you are looking for a weight loss strategy that targets your body type and caters specifically to you, then you should consider the best of Personal Training in Jacksonville, Florida. For starters, here’s what you need to do to lose weight more effectively.


Cardio helps in burning calories. But as fat leaves your body, you will be developing an uneven shape throughout. Saggy loose skin becomes more prominent as you lose weight through cardio. That is why you need to work on your muscles too. Resistance training is known to help individuals reduce weight and inches while improving your strength, stamina and shape.

Resistance training tops the list when it comes to weight loss tips. Resistance training sessions of 4-5 times a week along with moderate to intense cardio will help you see a drastic improvement in your weight loss goals. Not a fan of working out alone? Head to one of our fun and energy filled boot camp Jacksonville to workout with other likeminded people.

Diet and Portion Sizes:

Fruits and vegetables are not the only way to lose weight. Many individuals find it hard to get used to a diet that points more towards being a vegetarian. For those of you, lean meat is the way to go. Chicken can add unnecessary weight compared to trimming the skin and consuming it. Removing the skin when it comes to chicken removes fat by almost 3.2 grams per serving. An alternative source of protein can be found in turkey breast. Lean beef has a difference of approximately 5.6 grams of fat when compared to regular beef.

Apart from what you consume, how much you consume is also very important. When it comes to meat, stick to how much grams you are putting on your plate. Cooking methods such as frying can add more fat to the meat. Boiled and grilled meat is comparatively healthier. Portion control makes you aware of how much you’re eating and helps you eat lesser. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, portion sizes can be a little flexible. Their rich vitamin and nutrient content makes you feel fuller soon. 

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Tuesday, March 28 2017


Times have changed and so have our eating habits. It is one of the reasons we suffer from weight and health issues. Looking closer, heart disease has increased dramatically, to the tune of one in every four people. It’s the leading cause of death in the United States! How ironic that we are now eating ourselves to death?! The cause is simple. We eat too much, exercise too little, and much of the foods that we eat cause major intestinal inflammation.  Take a look at the points below for some advice.

  • The first one is all about proper portion control. On average, we eat 1,000 calories more than we think per day. Download a calorie tracking app and use it to help manage your daily intake and progression towards goals.
  • The second one is also simple. Hire me as your personal trainer…lol. A qualified personal trainer can keep your exercise routine fun and hold you accountable.  I suggest one hour of exercise a day. It does not have to be all at once, or high intensity.
  • The third one is a little tricky. Insert Paleo type diets. I do not promote a strict Paleo diet because I think there are always exceptions with nutrition, and if the diet is too hard to follow, it’s just that. Paleo type diets focus on healthy fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Keep your diet as simple as possible. Three meals a day. Fruit or veggies as your snacks. Keep pastas, rice, sugar, and breads to a minimum.

In conclusion, Paleo type meal plans help eliminate much of the weight gain and health concerns caused from too much nutritionally empty foods like bread and sugar. It also helps with inflammation, which is a huge factor in heart attacks and other heart disease. As a good rule, always try to get five fruits and vegtebles a day. Aside from the nutritional aspect, it’s good to know that the fiber in the fruits and veggies also helps fight cancer and diabetes.

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Monday, August 24 2015
Trans fats...the silent killer

  Heart disease is the number one killer among men and women in the United States and occurs when your body has too much bad cholesterol or "LDL's". Many people think that eating high fat food is the only cause of high cholesterol, but this isn't the case. The liver actually produces most of the cholesterol in the body upwards of 75%. Even if you eat an all vegetarian diet, you can still have heart disease because your body can turn the other macronutrients into cholesterol via the liver. 
Cholesterol is a major component of the healing process, and without it, blood clotting could not take place.  With that being said, it’s very important to control gut inflammation.  This is because the body treats it like any other injury and results with the body producing cholesterol to help heal the inflamed area.  Several foods cause gut inflammation such as dairy, nightshade vegetables, and most importantly, hydrogenated fats.  Trans fats are also called hydrogenated oil.  The oil starts out as an unsaturated fat, but when you add hydrogen to the oil, it turns solid at room temperature.  According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s the worst type of fat because they raise LDL's and lower HDL's.  Trans fatty acids cause heart disease, cancer, increased risk of diabetes, and cause major gut inflammation. They do this by blocking hormones that suppress inflammation while increasing the hormones that cause inflammation, so it’s double trouble.  According to Dr. Lisa C. Vinikoor of the University of North Carolina, the reason trans fat increases the risk of colon cancer is because it alters the balance of bile in the colon.  One study has shown that eating 5 grams of trans fatty acid can increase heart disease by 25%.  There are several diets out right now that totally eliminate these fats such as the paleo diet, whole 30, and others. The goal is to remove as much processed food from you diet as possible. Stick to fruits, veggies, and lean meats. It’s best to eat organic as often as possible, and limit red meats because they can increase colon cancer in high amounts.  For more information about heathy eating and exercise, come visit us at BodyWorks Personal Training.


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Monday, August 10 2015
Exercise vs Diet

For some, weight loss can seem like a never ending road. On so many occasions, many people claim they have tried everything, but still can't loose weight. These people often try diet supplements, crash diets, and cleanses. However, so much of weight loss comes from what you do with your shoes, not your fork. Ok, but before you jump off the deep end and assume you can eat whatever you want as long as you exercise....Stop. Of course you have to stop eating the excess food that makes you gain weight. One pound of fat has 3500 cal. and you burn roughly 10cal/min while exercising. This works out to be 5.83 hours of exercise to drop a pound of fat. If you were to drop the same amount of weight with diet alone, it would take close to two weeks and you could possibly alter you lean muscle mass if you drop your calories too low. Most people run into major problems loosing weight because of the lack of exercise.  Don't fall for the "a little is better than nothing" mentality. When you decide to shed some fat, success breeds success! One hour of exercise per day, even if it's walking, will produce good results.  Come on in to Body Works Personal Training, and let us show you how successful you can be!

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