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Rewards of Personal Training

Ernest Brandon, CPT

Many people ask themselves. "Do I really need a personal trainer?. Can't I do this myself?"  Although personal training used to be considered a luxury only for the rich, that's changing in today's high-paced world.  More and more people, both novices and experienced exercisers, are working with personal trainers to get the most out of their workouts, prevent injuries, and maintain consistency. 

One of the main reasons people hire a personal trainer is accountability.  We all know that sometimes it's hard to get motivated to work out!  If you know someone is waiting for you and you have paid for that person's time, however, you are less likely to change your mind and more likely to maintain a consistent workout schedule.  A good personal trainer will hold you accountable for your actions, not just in the gym, but when you are doing your own cardio and making nutritional choices as well.  Your personal trainer should inspire and motivate you to make good lifestyle choices and to make exercise and healthy eating a part of your everyday life. The best trainers will  wear many hats: mentoring, coaching, serving as a confidant, and educating you about how to maximize your progress.

"Once I learned that solid health and feeling good about myself was important to me, my trainer helped me make sense of the classic equation "exercise + healthy diet = a fit body." His dedication and faith in me not only changed my physique, it changed my life" Daniel, ARNP.

Working with a personal trainer can be an invaluable tool to getting on the right exercise program for you.  Everyone's body is different, and the same workout routine will not work for everyone.  Your trainer should tailor your workouts to meet your needs and goals and adjust them to your fitness level, which will change (hopefully increasing!) over time.  They should teach you how to exercise properly, using good body mechanics to prevent injury and get the most benefit out of each exercise.  Your personal trainer should teach you about proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices so that you can make positive decisions on your own as well. 

When choosing a personal trainer, there are several things to consider.  One important factor, of course, is cost.  It is important to choose a personal training program that fits into your budget, because the name of the game is establishing a good routine and sticking with it.  If your pocketbook is stretched too much, you won't continue.  Another important factor is convenience.  The trainer's location must be convenient for you - close to home or to work, and not too far out of your way.  Inconvenience is another workout killer.  Perhaps most important is the trainer's credentials.  Personal training is like any other field, it draws the good, the bad and the mediocre.  To ensure that you have the best possible experience, make sure the  trainer you are going to work with has been certified through a nationally recognized and accredited association.  Some of the best certifications come from the American Council on Exercise, the International Fitness Professionals Association, and the American College of Sports Medicine.  Never hesitate to ask the trainer for references or to inquire into their background, education, and experience.  A good trainer will be happy to share that information.  Your trainer should also be currently CPR certified and hold personal liability insurance. 

Finally, it's important that you and your trainer have compatible personalities.  He or she is there to guide you through a very important journey in your life.  That's an important relationship, and you need to feel that they are genuinely interested in helping you, and that the two of you are on the same wavelength.  Your exercise program should become as much a part of your routine as brushing your teeth every day, and the trainer you choose can play a major role in the success of your program.  Selecting a professional and qualified personal trainer is a sound investment of your time and money for your health. 

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