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  I have only been working out with Brandon for three weeks at this Body Works place. When I tell you that it has been more than I expected, I am not exaggerating. He has me excited about becoming a healthier me. He is genuinely concern for your overall being and not just your money. I have always like the boot camp style of workout but felt that being middle aged and overweight that could not do it. Boy, was I wrong!!!! Brandon has pushed me to do things that I never would have dreamed of doing of course this boosts confidence and moral overall. We laugh so much I forget that he is kicking my butt. I am excited about my future with him. I feel that if I put the work in and do as he says I will receive the results that I am looking for. If you looking for a personal trainer, look no further. Brandon is your man at Body Works Personal Training. I can't stop sharing this great news!

Tabitha Graham

  Brandon is a great trainer and motivator. He keeps the workouts fresh and his style of circuit training pushes me closer to my limit than I was ever able to do on my own. Before I started working with Brandon I was doing 5X5 deadlifts at 100lbs. I just deadlifted 325lbs at today's session after about 4 weeks of working with him.


  I am so happy to have finally found a trainer like Brandon! I hated working out, but wanted to lose some weight before my wedding, as well as increase my strength and endurance. Not only have I lost 25 pounds, but I actually look forward to going to the gym every afternoon. Brandon is very personable, has a great sense of humor and truly listens to your specific goals and needs. Not only has he given me the best body I’ve ever had, but he has managed to change my mindset on working out. I can’t imagine training anywhere else!

Hannah Hollis

  I've been working out at Body Works for a couple months now and have already experienced alot of growth and improvement! Brandon does a fantastic job working with you where you are, while pushing you to expand your limits. I always enjoy going to workout with him. Highly recommended!

Robert Ingle

  I have been working with Brandon for a few months now... I have lost almost 30 lbs and I a tremendous amount of inches. I have never liked working out. I always made excuses like I am too tired, or not enough time. However Brandon pushes you just enough, he listens to your needs and he watches you closely when working together, he knows when its too easy for me or I really need to stop because its too hard, without me telling him.NO ONE CAN EVER MOTIVATE ME ....HOWEVER HE CAN! He doesn't make you feel as if your a failure even in the beginning. I actually love working out for the very first time in my life. I feel better than ever. It hasn't been a chore at all to work out and the results are there. Sometimes I go work out twice a day because I love it now. THAT JUST CRAZY if you new me. I have never been that way. People are always complimenting me asking am I loosing weight. I personally don't see it, I think its because I look at myself every day. I feel like I look the same but I feel it in my clothes that are all too big on me now. This is all because of Brandon and I working together. He also helps out with diet. Things I ate before thinking I was doing myself a favor by eating apparently was not. He is also very affordable if you are on a tight budget $$$$! He wont charge for 1st time session you or make you sign a contract and you can use his gym for free anytime he is there if he trains you.

Stephanie Pitocchi

  Brandon is absolutely amazing! After having my first child I knew I needed help getting weight off. I am so glad I found Brandon, because I have lost weight and I feel better than I ever have! I highly recommend Body Works Personal Training as your fitness studio!

Anna Barnett